Yashica Times

Although I haven’t been in a darkroom for a long time, I’ve been dabbling with film photography again in recent years. Currently I send my films to be processed by a lab, then scan them at home. It’s more of a hybrid form of photography than a purely analogue process.

I began using my mother’s Yashica FX-3 and ended up with one of my own, together with the excellent 35mm 2.8 Yashinon thanks to a drunken eBay mishap.

After buying some 120 medium format film I went on a hunt for a camera, opting for the Yashica Mat. A bit cart before horse there but that’s normal for me.

The Yashica Mat itself has a few quirks. The shutter won’t cock if I wind on too fast, (Quiet at the back,) the mirror under the ground glass is incredibly mucky, and there’s a tendency to back focus, but I can work around that by focusing in the viewfinder, then pulling focus closer.

Here are a few shots from the Yashicas recently.


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