Me, Myself and Ay ay ay!

At the point of shooting these images I was often purposefully remembering some of these moments, thinking of the deaths, those they affect, the moments of pure hopelessness that I’d overcome in my relatively privileged life to be able to get through each day. Continue reading Me, Myself and Ay ay ay!

L’année de merde

In 2020, aside from a possible flirtation with Covid 19 which has left me socially wary and certainly pleasantry weary, I’ve somehow been a finallist in Emulsive’s FP4Party, shortlisted in Landscape Photographer of the Year and had an image chosen to be BBC Wildlife Magazine’s Pic of the Day on social media. Continue reading L’année de merde

Where I’d rather be

As a UK resident, I’ve been experiencing the same Coronavirus lock down as the rest of the country for a fortnight now. It’s for all our benefit of course and I’m pleased to have been able to work remotely and stay in touch with others via video calls and so on. I’m aware that as someone who isn’t on the front line of health care or indeed social care, I am one of the lucky ones, excepting the possibility of my recent horrific chest infection actually being Covid 19. This doesn’t stop me dreaming or occasionally staring out the window … Continue reading Where I’d rather be

We All Went To Party And It Didn’t Quit.

Ilford FP4+ film was new to me, but thanks to the joy of #FP4Party on Twitter that changed. I ordered film, loaded it into cameras and popped my cherry all the first week of March 2020! I was determined to shoot a variety of subjects and fit it all in round work and weekend commitments. The second week was development week and lo, the third was posting week. And i miss it already. So many interesting film photos from many corners of this planet was a wonderful distraction from the virus outbreak. We’ll always have photos! Here are mine. My … Continue reading We All Went To Party And It Didn’t Quit.