Time flies

A couple of the images from local woods where I’ve experimented with coloured speedlight recently.

Time flies when you’re using clichéd idioms. After a rather hectic few months photographically I have slowed down of late, concentrating on trees, sometimes scoping out compositions and returning to them the week after, literally aiming at a photo a week, maybe. Not only does this mean less candidates for my increasingly sporadic and disillusioned social media posts, but also less for the local competitions.

Recently I rejoined Ashford Photographic Society, choosing to actually participate in competitions this time rather than be a voyeur of sorts. Although many of the competitions are digital projections, there are still print ones being run. I love seeing prints, but have never mounted them for competition before. There are certain standards, methods and indeed equipment used for cutting and preparing mount board for this purpose. Never did I think I would own a mount cutter. Now I can cut rectangular or square mitred holes in board!

With the autumn getting going soon I’ll be out hunting for mushrooms and the like, armed with techniques I’ve been practicing with trees the last few months. The funky coloured gels may be swapped for standard colour correction gels mind as I really have gone off piste of late! Hopefully I can arm myself with a few lovely shots for later in the Society’s season.


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