Every now and then I take photos that fall short of being truly successful somehow yet I keep as a reference for improvement in the future.

Oftentimes these are taken on the occasions when I’m carrying less kit. The irony of this can be I don’t use a tripod, check the focus, alter the lighting with shadow or flash, yet feel free-er to spot these almost-shots.

Frankly I like these pictures a lot but blown up for a print competition or even just a reasonably large screen, they fall short technically. Competitions demand a lot; a topic for another day perhaps.

Almost, almost… Seen large, the foreground mushrooms could be sharper but I like this lighting and the composition – the band in the foreground, the backing singers in the back where they belong.
I like the tones, the spider, the light, but it’s misfocussed, taken on a walkabout on a hot day, just enjoying being somewhere cool, camera in tow. The wind was working against me too.
I like the formation of the cormorants but the clouds are relatively uninspiring.

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