Woodland wanderings

I like to wander among trees, taking in fresh air, feeling somewhat present, so it stands to reason much of my landscape stuff is woodland. Much of the woodland close to me is in part commercial, though it isn’t entirely the case. The most popular crop is silver birch, harvestable every 15 years. This leads to the occasional moment of annoyance when a place I want to capture in a certain light has changed dramatically, but it doesn’t stop my love of these trees as a photographic subject. It’s their bark of course! The papery shavings appeal to me and … Continue reading Woodland wanderings

A new dawn

After a brief hiatus, my website is back y’all! Previously I’ve been running a Squarespace site, paying out for it for no particular reason. I don’t as yet make money from photos, least not enough to bother the tax man. The only bit I’m interested in retaining is a blog, something Squarespace could handle but not especially well. Added to this I can get a nifty photo.blog address for free these days with WordPress. Many names went through my head. For a long time this morning I had the site named as Shutter Cock – the act of cocking one’s … Continue reading A new dawn