A new dawn

After a brief hiatus, my website is back y’all! Previously I’ve been running a Squarespace site, paying out for it for no particular reason. I don’t as yet make money from photos, least not enough to bother the tax man. The only bit I’m interested in retaining is a blog, something Squarespace could handle but not especially well.

Added to this I can get a nifty photo.blog address for free these days with WordPress. Many names went through my head. For a long time this morning I had the site named as Shutter Cock – the act of cocking one’s shutter. After taking a step back I realised that’s a particularly rhythmic erectile dysfunction and stuck with my name instead. What a cock. A shutter cock. ANYWAY!

That’s it for now. My portfolio of images from the old site is indeed gone, but not forgotten.

If you like social media, I’m on Instagram as @alexjevon and on Twitter as @ajevon. The latter occasionally mentions VFX as that’s my profession.

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