Where I’d rather be

As a UK resident, I’ve been experiencing the same Coronavirus lock down as the rest of the country for a fortnight now. It’s for all our benefit of course and I’m pleased to have been able to work remotely and stay in touch with others via video calls and so on. I’m aware that as someone who isn’t on the front line of health care or indeed social care, I am one of the lucky ones, excepting the possibility of my recent horrific chest infection actually being Covid 19.

This doesn’t stop me dreaming or occasionally staring out the window wondering what’s happening in my favourite locations around Kent, or indeed further afield. Many on my Twitter feed have been posting examples of places they’d like to be rather than at home. Being stuck indoors has made me appreciate how much of a positive effect the great outdoors has on me mentally, and boy do I miss the long walks.

This location in East Kent is where I’d like to be, watching fallow deer with nary a soul around. I was put on to it by a dog walker close to home and it took me many visits to figure out where they were all hiding. After returning a few times, stars aligned and some lovely winter sun passed through the few remaining leaves.

A tighter crop is below for those of you on phones.


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